From the Papers 17 February 1916: Weather Wednesday

Snippet from the Freeman's Journal 17 February 1916

This is the first in our new series of posts called Weather Wednesday where we look at what the weather was like on this day 100 years ago. Not a lot has changed weather-wise according to this report from the Freeman’s Journal .

Extract from the Freeman’s Journal 17 February 1916



The extremely severe and changeable weather that prevailed during last week increased in severity on Sunday night and Monday and Monday night, with variations of frost and snow and rain an sleet, accompanied by high wind. On Tuesday night it developed into a downpour and then a fierce storm, which again was followed by showers of sleet with chilling cold., which rendered every form of outdoor work extremely difficult and unpleasant. High winds, with sudden gusts and squalls swept the main and more exposed thoroughfares of the city and traffic of every kind was attended with considerable risk

That the storm was general has been proved by reports from all parts of the country while evidence have not been wanting that i t blow with equal ferocity across Channel and over Great Britain

Perhaps the best indication that this was so was the very great delay in telegraphing news to this country owing to the damage to the wires, and the terrible weather conditions under which the famous Waterloo Cup is associated were carried on near Liverpool 

From Co Kildare came the report that the weather has been the severest felt for several years, and in the Curragh district many persons were prevented pursuing their ordinary business.

The Liffey is flooded at various points, while the Barrow has again very much overflown its banks here and there, doing considerable damage tot eh adjacent country. Similar reports come from Limerick districts, from Armagh, Roscommon, and Newry, and in all of those places damage has been done to property by the falling of old houses and trees and the flooding of rivers. Up to a late hour this morning there was little improvement on the conditions that prevailed throughout the night.

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