Headford Barracks

Site of a mine assault by Anti-treaty Forces in April of 1923

Hilary Kiely

Former Free State Forces Barracks, Headford

Headford Barracks

Formerly the National Bank building, the Headford Army Barracks housing Free State forces was attacked by Anti-treaty troops who had crossed Lough Corrib in boats from Oughterard and planted mines against the walls. A gun fight ensued, lasting until Free State reinforcements arrived and forced the withdrawal of the Anti-treaty forces. Two Free State soldiers, Sergeant Major M. McCarthy and Volunteer Lyons, were killed and five others injured. Two Anti-treaty soldiers also lost their lives, John Higgins of Ballytrasna there during the battle, and Daniel McCormack of Laskeevy, Tuam, would die later of his wounds.

Although damaged in the attack, the building survived and today houses offices.

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  • Do you know the names of the 5 injured Free State soldiers?

    By Tess King (21/11/2021)
  • There’s mention of a Harry Burke of Tuam in the reporting in the Connacht Tribune, but his is the only name given there among the Free State soldiers injured.

    By Hilary Kiely (20/12/2021)

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