The Galway Boys

A song from the Schools Collection

Hilary Kiely/GMIT/GCC

From the Schools Folklore Collection

The Galway Boys 


It was in nineteen sixteen 

On Easter Monday fair 

Our Galway boys did mobilize 

And for battle did prepare. 


With Captain Mellow’s by their side 

He led our Galway men 

Saying, “Now unite, and we will fight 

For Irelands cause again” 


The news spread all round Galway  

And travelled quick and far 

From Ardraghan to Clarenbridge, 

And from that to Castlegar. 


Father Feeney in their midst 

For the green of the Golden height 

Our Irish sons stood with their guns 

At the town of Athenry 


God bless the boys of Galway 

Who stood, their guns in hand 

Who took the road for old Moyode 

And to fight for Ireland 


And when they left their homes that day 

They bid a fond Good-bye 

Because they loved their country dear 

They were prepared to die 


They were the truest Irishmen 

that stood on Erin’s shore. 

And it’s with their lead 

Shot a peeler dead 

At the crossroads of Carnmore 


Collected from An Clochar, Oranmore

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0032, Page 0533

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