The Russian Revolution

Pierrepoint Private Agents, London

It is stated the revolution was started and settled down in a couple of hours

Extraordinary and startling news has come to hand this morning from Russia.  In the course of the week it appears that a revolution has broken out and almost subsided again, and the revolutionaries successful.  The Czar has abdicated and the members of his pro-German government are arrested.  The Duma, or Parliament, have taken control of the country and the army is taking their orders from the Duma and its new Government.  This sudden change of affairs in Russia is said to be brought about the “beaurocrats” – are they the food stores or “departments” in that country? – by the secret influence of the German elements, who have been paralysing the efficiency of the army since the war began.

The accounts go to show that though there is considerable loss of life it was mostly caused by the soldiers in clearing the streets in Petrograd, which were full of people, all out to fraternise with the new order of things.  In Moscow it is stated the revolution was started and settled down in a couple of hours.  Both cities are said now to have resumed their usual appearance and tranquillity.

It is understood that this revolution will have a considerable bearing on the management of the war by Russia.  Hitherto they are said to be hampered in their operations by the Premier of the deposed government, who worked for a separate peace with Germany.  Neither people, nor army or navy would hear of it, and now we have the result.  The change in the government is also taken to mean a big blow to the Kaiser, whose machinations in that country were to make trouble.


During the week the seeds and manure procured by the Galway District Council were distributed to the applicants.  The seeds were stored in the workhouse, and a long queue of carts could be seen outside the workhouse gates, waiting to be loaded with the much sought and valuable seed.

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