Lighting Tuam

A Cowardly Resolution!

Said they would require 100 candle power in the principal thoroughfares


Tuam Town Commissioner and the County Council

Not Brow-Beaten By Threats

Ireland and the Franchise Bill- Did Not Want Democracy

The monthly meeting of the Tuam Town Commissioners was held on Tuesday, Mr. F.B, McDonogh, Solicitor, Chairman, presiding.

Arising out of the consideration of tenders for the lighting of the town, Mr. O’ Mally suggested that it would be well to state in the advertisement the required candle power, as the present incandescent mantles were not as large as a thimble-

Mr. Byrne said the lighting was scandalous in the past and several people had asked him if it were within the province of the Commissioners to do anything.  The people will have to get some other form of lighting if the gas is not improved this year-

Chairman : if we ask for better gas, we will get it, but you will have to pay for it,-

Mr. Mellin said they would require 100 candle power in the principal thoroughfares.- On the suggestion of Mr. Murphy, it was decided to consider the matter fully at a special meeting.


The following resolutions were received from the Tuam Sinn Fein Club :-

“That was to condemn the action of the members of the Galway Co. Council who degraded themselves by voting against rescinding their cowardly resolution passed on the 23rd of May, 1916 (the day Patrick Pearse was shot) condemning the men of Easter Week, who shed their blood for Ireland.  We trust when the time comes their descendants will remember their action.

Connacht Tribune, 11 August 1917

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