Count Plunkett Elected

Irish Guards on Recrutiment Drive

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We would like to know if the electors gave any consideration to what Count Plunkett will do for them

The views of the electors of North Roscommon, judged by the result is worth considering.  If they returned Count Plunkett as a sort of retaliation for his rejection by the Royal Dublin bigots they at least scored a point against our opponents.  If they elected him to show their indignation at the atrocious manner in which his son was shot and himself ill-treated, they may be pardoned for giving vent to their views in this manner; or they may have intended to give expression to their resentment against the Government for their bungling management of Irish affairs before and since the Rebellion.  We do not care to speculate on how far their opinions were influenced or their motive directed in regard to the position of the Irish Party.

Other aspects of the election will have to be considered later on.  They have reduced the strength of the Irish Party by one and we dare say the Unionists in the North are satisfied to have one man the less to give trouble to their side.  We would like to know if the electors gave any consideration to what Count Plunkett will do for them next either outside or inside Parliament.  And again, how will Mr. Ginnell take it.  After getting him elected as a supporter in the House of Commons he says he will let Mr. Ginnell fight his own battles there; he is going to stay in College Green.


Amongst the members who attended the Advisory Committee in Dublin on Thursday was Mr. Martin McDonogh, when it was directed the at the Department should act with vigour and be prepared to enter on holdings to let them in conacre without delay and in some cases to hand the work to local authorities.


We are obliged to hold over part of our report of the Co Council and other matters.


The Pipers and Drum Band of the 3rd (Reserve) battalion of the Irish Guards, which is on a recruiting tour around Ireland, intends visiting Galway in a short time.

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